Stop Abuse & Neglect of Elders

The Department on Aging and The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Center for Healthy Communities developed the SANE curriculum as a training tool for agencies that employ workers who have regular contact with elderly persons. The SANE curriculum can also be used by others who are interested in learning how to recognize and respond to elder abuse and neglect.

This project was funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program, a component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Videos were produced by students in UWM’s Peck School of the Arts, DocUWM Program. The persons in the videos are real victims of elder abuse and neglect. Their stories are true.

Curriculum Materials
There are three ways to see the curriculum materials:

Physicians and health care providers can get added information on diagnosis and management and CME credits by clicking here to go to the Medical College of Wisconsin Angel site.

  1. For individuals on desk or lap top:
    Click here to view narrated PowerPoint with videos online and view associated materials online / print as needed.
  2. For groups:
    Download a .zip file that contains the Power Point presentation and video files necessary to create a complete presentation CD, including the PowerPoint viewer. Click here to download complete curriculum and training files in .zip format (Note: this file is 298MB and complete download may take a while depending on your computer)
    • A "PowerPoint Files" directory containing a Microsoft PowerPoint fileset for the SANE project PowerPoint presentation.

      Click HERE for directions on how to download, save and view the PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos.

      The zip folder also contains:
    • An "Appendix Files" directory containing the reference documents for the PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.
    • A "Curriculum.pdf" file containing the Elder Abuse Training Guide.
    • A "Notes.pdf" file containing images of slides with space for making notes.

  3. Order Hard Copy:
    Click here to e-mail us a request for a hard copy binder with all curriculum materials.  (While supplies last!) Including:
    • Binder with full script and presenter notes
    • Printable copies of all handouts and resource materials
    • CD containing PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos
    • CD containing PowerPoint presentation without embedded videos
    • DVD containing videos formatted for TV presentation

Be sure to include your full mailing address and contact information in the body of the email.